Coalition for Homeless Children & Families


The Coalition works to improve the lives of homeless children and families.


Coalition for Homeless Children

Children are the city’s future.  Homeless children need special attention.  Not since the Great Depression have so many families been without homes in the US. Homeless children have more health and mental health problems than other children: they are four times as likely to have developmental delays, twice as likely to have learning disabilities and twice as likely to repeat a grade. Maryland is ranked as 21st at risk for child homelessness.


The Coalition has identified the following priorities to address:

  • Safe, stable, supportive housing for homeless families
  • Intensive, multidisciplinary approach for service delivery
  • Health and educational support for children
  • Revitalization of communities and their support systems

Join us at regularly scheduled monthly meetings

  • When:  Second Thursdays, 9:30 a.m. – 11 a.m.

  • Where: Episcopal Diocese of Maryland, 4 E University Parkway, Baltimore 21218.  Parking is available in the church parking lot.

For Information Contact:

Pamela Talabis, Ph.D.; c/o Dayspring Programs, Inc.
1125 N. Patterson Park Avenue
Baltimore, MD 21213