Housing FAQS

1.  How do I qualify for Dayspring Housing?

Valentine's Day Activities

Valentine’s Day Activities

To qualify for permanent supportive housing with Dayspring, a potential client must be at least 18 years of age,  have a history of homelessness as defined by the U.S. Department of Housing and Community Development and have custody of at least one child.  Qualifications for transitional Housing include low-income, in early recovery from substance abuse, custody of at least one child or re-unification plan, and history of or current domestic violence situation.

2.  Do I need a referral from a service provider?

No, a potential client does not need to be referred from a service provider. Referrals for permanent supportive are received through the Mayor’s Office of Homeless Services Coordinated Access. Referrals for Dayspring’s transitional housing program are from substance abuse treatment programs, Department of Social Services, community programs working with victims of crime and/or domestic violence.

3.  How long is the waiting period to get into transitional housing, permanent supportive housing?

The waiting program for transitional housing can be up to 60 days after acceptance into the Dayspring program. There are additional qualification requirements of the Housing Authority of Baltimore City that can take up to 30-60 days. Permanent Supportive Housing can take up to 30 days after meeting with Dayspring staff due to rental assistance paper work and required inspections.

4.  Are there age limits for children in transitional housing or permanent supportive housing?

There are no age limits for children in either housing. The age of the children are usually between the ages of birth to eighteen.

5. What are the supportive services offered to families?

Services include intensive case management, parenting education, substance abuse treatment, health education, mental health counseling, peer support groups, Head Start program, Early Head Start program, job readiness, community-based referrals and resources.