Dayspring – Past to Present

In 1992 in Baltimore, a 5 year old child led his mother by the hand into an emergency shelter and said to the receptionist, “Please help my mommy.”

Dayspring was initiated by the Coalition for Homeless Children and Families to address the needs of homeless children and their families with an addicted parent. Dayspring was incorporated in 1997 as a 501(c)3 organization with Pamela Talabis, Ph.D., Executive Director.

By 2002 Dayspring was managing continuum of care programs for homeless families affected by substance abuse:

  • Dayspring Village at Collington Square – transitional housing for 18 families (opened in February 2001)
    • Today, Dayspring Square transitional housing, certified as a long-term residential treatment center for 18 families and 4 additional supportive housing families
  • Permanent supportive Housing – community housing for 50 families (opened in 1996)
    • Today, 67 families in scattered housing
  • Dayspring Children’s Place – 24-hour per day residential care for children with a parent in treatment (opened in 1996; closed 2006 due to lack of sufficient funding to provide quality service).
  • Head Start – 51 children at 3 sites (opened in 2000).
    • Today, 329 children in 18 classrooms at 4 sites.

Dayspring was initiated with the belief that all children have the right to succeed and that all parents want their children to succeed. Today, as in our beginning days, Dayspring keeps a focus on children, the whole family, and the importance of strong, nurturing family relationships. Dayspring is unique in providing housing, substance abuse treatment, support services for each individual in the family and for maintaining that important focus on the children and their future.