Green Parking Project

The Dayspring Green Parking Garden Project

Growing Green MayorThe Dayspring Green Parking Garden Project (1101 N Bradford St) has been designed to achieve net zero runoff.  The site will consist of roughly 10 angled parking spaces created from grass paver grids.  The grids will be designed in the shape of large olive leaves, creating a sense of movement and peacefulness that will be visible to the women and children in the upper residential floors of the Dayspring building.
A bioswale and rain garden will also be installed to filter and slow down the absorption of stormwater as well as trap pollutants and silt.
The project was made possible by The Baltimore City Growing Green Design Competition: Vacant Lots Transformed that was launched in conjunction with the Mayor’s Growing Green Initiative in May, 2014 to showcase innovative concepts for retrofitting vacant lots in Baltimore City and turning community challenges into community resources.
Goals of the competition were to foster partnerships between community groups, design firms, non-profits, and private organizations, test the Green Pattern Book, and reduce and treat stormwater.


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